The Short Story of Wali Songo Sunan Drajat

CERITACERITAKU.COMThe Story of Wali Songo Sunan Drajat, Preaching with the Catur Piwulang Principle – Sunan Drajat is a guardian who is known to have a high social spirit, especially to the poor. His soul is reflected in the teachings of Catur Piwulang.
Sunan Drajat is the brother of Sunan Bonang from his father Sunan Ampel. His name is Raden Qasim or Syarifudin. Since childhood he received Islamic religious education at the boarding school owned by his father, Ampeldenta.
Quoted from the book Sunan Drajat (Raden Qosim) by Yoyok Rahayu Basuki, it is said that after getting enough religious knowledge, Sunan Ampel ordered his son to spread Islam on the coast of Gresik.
While on his way to Gresik, suddenly the boat he was on was hit by a storm. Finally Sunan Drajat stopped at the coast of Lamongan. He received a warm welcome from local elders, Mbah Mayang Madu and Mbah Banjar.
While in Lamongan, Sunan Drajat established a small surau precisely in Jelak Village. That surau is the center of his da’wah. Until it developed into a pesantren. People learn a lot about religion there.
In preaching Sunan Drajat put forward wisdom or known as the method of da’wah bil wisdom. Among his famous teachings are the principles of Pepali Pitu and Catur Piwulang.
1. Build a recipe tyasing sasama (Make others happy)
2. In love must be mindful and alert (In a happy atmosphere, should keep in mind God and always alert)
3. Laksitaning subrata tan nyipa marang pringga bayaning action (In achieving the ideals sublime, ignore obstacles and obstacles)
4. Meper hardaning pancadriya (Always fighting to suppress worldly lusts)
5. Heneng-Hening-Henung (In silence will be achieved silence, in silence will be achieved the path of noble freedom)
6. Noble use five times (The attainment of the glory of the inner birth is achieved by praying five times)
7. Give a stick to the blind. They feed the hungry. Show clothes to the naked. Give a staff to the blind.
Feed the hungry. Give clothes to undressed people. Give umbrellas to people in the rain).
The seventh point from Pepali Pitu is called Catur Piwulang.
Chess Piwulang Sunan Drajat
1. Menhono sign marang wong kang wuto (Give a stick to the blind)
2. Menehono manganese marang wong kang luwe (Give food to hungry people)
3. Menhono clothes on marang wong kang kawudan (Give clothes to people who are not clothed)
4. Menhono umbrella marang wong kang kodanan (Give an umbrella to people who are raining)
That’s the teachings of Sunan Drajat which was finally well received by the community. Sunan Drajat was buried in Lamongan, precisely in Drajat Village, Paciran District. On his grave there is an engraving of the teachings of Catur Piwulang.

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